CodeRacer, The More Advanced Typing Game

The website is live at

A couple of weeks ago, Paul, Jon and I released the initial version of CodeRacer, which is an advanced typing game where the users write production code instead of normal text. We all know about websites that offer people to see how fast they can type on a keyboard measured on a WPM (words per minute) scale. There are a lot of them out there. CodeRacer, however, uses a scale that we created called LPM, or Lines Per Minute. This allows users to measure their speed in a unique way while improving their typing skills.

What makes CodeRacer unique is not only that it forces people to write symbols they normally don't use in regular text, but it also teaches good coding standards. We make sure that all of the code samples adhere to code standards and styleguides, so even developers can see how good code is written. CodeRacer also encourages non-technological people that have perhaps never written, or even seen code before, to learn more about programming in general. I know that for some people, code is very intimidating, which is why we have three ways to play it, to make it a fun game for everybody to participate in.


The three game types available on CodeRacer are Random, Practice, and Race with Friends.

Race Against Random Opponents
Users can choose to 'Enter Race' on the homepage if they want to race anybody else that happens to be playing at the same time as themselves. However, if there is nobody else wanting to play other random people, then you may end up playing by yourself and it will function just like a practice game.

In 'Practice' mode, users can choose to play by themselves to work on their skills without having to compete with other people.

Race with Friends
This is one of the coolest features about CodeRacer. This allows people to select their own friends to race against. You will be redirected to a lobby page where there is a share link that you use to send your friends so they can join your lobby.

Future Plans

Since CodeRacer has not been out for very long, the first thing we are going to focus on is getting more code samples into the database so there is more variety for users. Just recently, we created a repository on Github with all of our current code samples on the website. We encourage people to fork the repo and help us expand the list of code samples available on the website. If you would like to do so, check out how to contribute on our Github repo. Some features we'd like to add in the near future are:

  • create users
  • leaderboards
  • smart tabbing

Bare in mind that the website is still in beta, so we are still working on some improvements and bugs. Check the website out at, I hope you enjoy it!

Feel free to contact me on Twitter, email, or leave a comment below.