iOS ProcessButton

About a month ago I released an open source library to Cocoapods called iOS ProcessButton. This is a Button that animates while an asynchronous process is happening (note the gif above). Very simple right? My initial goal with the library was just to extract this code out of the current project I made it it, and upload it to cocoapods so it would be easier to manage. Not to mention that I can use it in some of my other projects. Now when that all has been accomplished, there are a few additional features I'd like to add to the library.

Things to do

As of right now, most values are hard-coded, and I'd like to change that. This will allow more flexibility for anyone who wants to use it, as well as for myself. These are some of the usages I want to be available to future users

  • Customize the colors of the animating lines
  • Change how long the lines take to animate out to the sides
  • Additional animations to display the actual progress
  • Possibly differently styled animations

I have been told by some iPhone users that these animations remind them of Android. It's probably because the colors I am using for these animations are in fact the Google colors. Overall, I have gotten pretty good feedback on the look and feel of the ProcessButton, so I will be maintaining it for a while.

If you'd like to use this in your next project, or even make any sorts of modifications, take a look at the repository on Github here.