iOS ProcessButton

This library was extracted from an iOS application that I was working on at the time. It's used for any sort of action that is processed asynchronously, and shows a loading-like animation until the action is done. This library is open source, and is released on Cocoapods. If you want to contribute or take a look at the source code, the repository is on github.


There are plenty of websites out there that offer people to measure their words-per-minute and accuracy while typing on the keyboard. What makes CodeRacer unique is that it allowes users to race against other people while typing code that is being used in production software. We make sure that all of the code samples follow their languages' code guidelines, so it shows professionals as well as people that have never programmed before, how good code looks like. CodeRacer also sparks an interest for non-technical people to learn more about software and computers in general. You can visit the website here.

Glass Gallery

There is currently no way to view pictures/videos on the device that you've taken with Glass, without searching through your large Timeline. We hope to provide a better alternative.

We're working on recreating the standard Android Gallery app (along with most of its functionality) for Glass. The app acts as a live card where you can select either 'Pictures' or 'Videos' stored on the device, and the media is ordered from newest to oldest.

This is an open source project, so if you'd like to contribute, or simply like to see the source code, the project is on github

Market For Glass

While Google Glass is still in its infancy, we've built the only market for hosting apps with a one-click installer. This eliminates the need for a user to have familiarity with Android Debug Bridge (ADB), and installs the software directly onto his or her device. If you happen to have a Glass app and you would like to distribute it so users can use it more easily, visit marketforglass.